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Google Eat & Drink

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In 2016, Google was gearing for one of the largest changes to its search page: the addition of shortcuts. Google Eat & Drink was one of 4 featured immersive experiences to coincide with this announcement.

I was the design lead, and oversaw the project from end-to-end in 9 months. I led a team of 4 designers, 3 researchers, and 1 writer. The product & engineerng team spanned 3 cities (Mountain View, New York, Tokyo). This project required significant coordination with VPs across Search & Maps, and many designers on Google Search.

Design, Product Strategy, Leadership

Company: Google

Year: 2016

We created an easy disvoery experience to help you find quick bites or more choosy options.

Leveraging Google's strengths

We provided personalized recommendations based on your location history.

The role of Sprints

As part of the design process, I led multiple sprints to help the team focus on solving specific problems.

“Eat & drink accesses nearby dining options, explore recommendations and stay updated on the dining scene in your neighborhood.”

― Daily Mail