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I led the Mountain View team for Google Maps search experiences. This involved not only design but also executive-level vision setting, product & design roadmapping, and people management. My team was responsible for features & frameworks across Maps and Google Search (where local queries comprise a significant slice of Google’s 3.5 billion searches/day). All work involved tight collaboration between design, research, writing, motion, prototyping, product, and engineering. Here are some of our projects.

Design, Product Strategy, Leadership

Company: Google

Role: Design, research, prototyping

Year: 2013-2016

With over 1 billion users, Google Maps is one of the most loved apps on the planet.


I designed the framework for search on Maps and Google Hotel Search is built on this foundation and is a growing source of revenue.

Material Design

As part of the company-wide debut of Material Design, Google Maps needed to be redesigned. I led Material Design efforts for Local UIs across Maps & Search.


“Never get lost agan.” Over the years, the team I led designed many features across Google Maps & Search including Transit, local answer cards, and one-tap queries. Credits: Marcel Uekermann, Alex Lakas

Field Research

In addition to usability research, I helped conduct field research abroad. Here are some images from a research trip to Jakarta, where motorbikes and multiple phones are common.